i5 Video - High School

i5 Video - High School

The i5 Video Secondary Series is designed for high school teachers to see the Inquiry 5 or "i5" strategies in action. Inquiry Partners has captured and curated clips of great teachers in real classrooms using five key strategies for engaging all learners.
1. Get Personal
2. Ask More; Talk Less
3. Encourage Evidence
4. Remain Curious
5. Extend Thinking Time
Each video is 10-20 minutes in length and includes supplemental materials. The video series is designed to be viewed as part of teachers' professional development, for use in PLCs or used by individual teachers to improve their instructional practice.

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i5 Video - High School

5 Videos

  • Secondary Strategy 1: Get Personal

    This video focuses on creating emotional bonds with high school students, essential for an environment of learning. This 17-minute video shows teachers telling stories, connecting with students, and provoking students to engage with the teacher, with each other, and with the course material. It i...

  • Secondary Strategy 2: Ask More: Talk Less

    This video shows examples of how inquiry teachers encourage students to talk to one another and ask great questions. Teachers demonstrate in real classroom environments how movement around the classroom and having students turn and talk to one another are strategies that help students learn in an...

  • Secondary Strategy 3: Encourage Evidence

    This video highlights the importance of encouraging evidence. As information is widely available it is increasingly important to ask students, "How do you know that?" By acknowledging relevant personal experiences, citing and analyzing sources of information, teachers can demonstrate critical ski...

  • Secondary Strategy 4: Remain Curious

    Strategy 4 encourages teachers to stay curious and share that curiosity with students. This video showcases teachers using strategies to maintain neutrality to encourage all students to participate in class. By asking questions such as "Why do you think that?", enlisting the classroom, and showin...

  • Secondary Strategy 5: Extend Thinking Time

    This video demonstrates how, within the constraints of time and space, teachers can fit more into each school period, while at the same time create a less stressful, less frenetic environment. Watch as teachers in real high school classrooms create environments conducive to developing thinking an...

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