i5 Video Series with Bonus Inquiry Video

i5 Video Series with Bonus Inquiry Video

The complete i5 video workshop series, plus the video "Inquiry: What Does it Look Like?"

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i5 Video Series with Bonus Inquiry Video

6 Videos

  • Strategy 1: Get Personal

    The i5 is a series of five videos (each approx. 15 minutes in length) showcasing specific examples of the most powerful, research-based inquiry teaching strategies in elementary and middle school classrooms. Strategy 1 demonstrates how teachers Get Personal, using these techniques: storytelling, ...

  • Strategy 2: Ask More; Talk Less

    The second video in the i5 series, Strategy 2 enables teachers to peek into real elementary and middle school classrooms to see inquiry learning in action. The following strategies are demonstrated in this video: revisiting Bloom's (revised) Taxonomy and Webb’s Depth of Knowledge, asking great qu...

  • Strategy 3: Encourage Evidence

    The third video in the i5 series shines a spotlight on teachers who challenge students to think about sources of information. In this video you will learn about referencing personal experiences, analyzing sources of information, and how to address the learning styles of the “Google Generation".

  • Strategy 4: Maintain Neutrality

    The fourth video in the i5 video shows teachers in elementary and middle school classrooms maintaining neutrality to encourage student engagement. You will see teachers asking more questions, enlisting the classroom, assessing in the moment, and allowing for periodic “struggle”.

  • Strategy 5: Increase Thinking Time

    The fifth video in the i5 series demonstrates how extending thinking time benefits all students. Watching elementary and middle school teachers increase wait time in real classrooms informs viewers of the power of simply waiting to engage students. This video also explores the concept of mindfuln...

  • Inquiry: What Does It Look Like?

    Two inquiry discussions (approx. 25 min each) are shown in a 1st/2nd grade classroom and a 5th grade classroom. Ten specific inquiry techniques are demonstrated and called out one-by-one. Reflection questions are provided for PLCs and group discussions. Helpful for PTA meetings as well as teachers.

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